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Dinamika Ketidakpercayaan terhadap Politisi : Suatu Pendekatan Psikologi Indigenous

Posted by Ivan on October 9, 2013

Ivan Muhammad Agung, Masyhuri dan Hidayat 

Center For Indigenous Psychology

Fakultas Psikologi UIN Suska Riau 


Trust has an important role in the social life and state. Politicians as one element in a democracy become a major focus in the society, especially related to the behavior of politicians. This study aimed to describe the dynamics of distrust of politicians and the reasons why students distrust to politicians. Study participants were university students at UIN Suska Riau who totaled 219 (53 men and 164 women, mising 2). The instrument used a open-ended questions with indigenous psychological analysis. The results showed that in general students do not trust to politicians. There are four main reasons, the first Lack of integrity (71.7%), internal factors (8.2%), situational (7.3%), and competence (4.1%). The social dynamics of psychological distrust of politicians will be discussed in this article.

Keywords: Trust, trustworthiness, politician

 dipublikasikan di jurnal psikologi, vol 9 no.1, 25-30 tahun 2013, download


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