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How Student Understand of Success and Failure: Internal or External Factor?

Posted by Ivan on January 21, 2013

Ivan Muhammad Agung

Mirra Noor Milla


Faculty of Psychology

UIN Suska Riau


The aim of this research is to know how student understand cuasal of success and failure. Partisipants were 220 student’s from UIN Suska Riau (29,5% male and 70,5% female,  ranged in  age from 18 – 25 years old).The result of the research showed that the student’s understand of success is caused by effort  (23,2%), motivation (21,8%), and ability (16,8%). While the failure is caused by ability (28,6%), strategy (22,7%), and  social affliation (15,9%). Viewed from percentage, causal of success more high on internal factor than failure, while the failure tend to external factor than internal. Based on the sex, male tend to see of succes from ability, effort and motivation, while female tend to strategy, family and spritual affliation than male. In causal of failure, male more likely to see from parents, effort, spritual affiliation and unlucky, whereas female  from ability, social affiliation and strategy. In general, male and female understand of success and failure based on internal factor than external factor. Specially, for the failure, male more likely to external factor than female. The implications of these result are discussed in term socio-cultural value contexts in Indonesia.

Keywords: attribution, success, failure, locus of control

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