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Perception of Procedural Justice as Factor Affecting Public Support Toward Police Effort in Dealing with Terrorism

Posted by Ivan on October 5, 2011

Mirra Noor Milla and Ivan M.Agung

Faculty of Psychology

Islamic state University of Sultan syarif Kasim Riau Indonesia


Following terrorist attacks in Indonesia since the Bali bombing 2002, the police continuously looking for ways to prevent news attacks, apprehend terror suspect and dismantle terrorist organizations. However, the fact the terrorist group live among innocent civilians and use as recruitment base forces the police to also consider public support as necessary factor if terrorist’s movement is to be limited in the society. Without prudent actions, the police might loss support from the public or worse, public sees terrorist as victim of repercussion and injustice and therefore deserve sympathy. Base on the understanding, this study tries to reveal what factor might affect public support towards police effort in dealing terrorism. We survey some cities considered as terrorist operation area. There is some finding mentioning. First, perception of how police follow proper procedures (procedural justice) influence public support towards the police. Second, the kevel of the support increased after the occurrence of a terrorist attack. At the which movement perception of procedural justice seem to lose its effect and public encouraged the police to take action to protect them.

procedural justice, terrorist, public support, cooperation

 Abstract Book in the 9th conference of asian Association of social Psychology, 28-31 jully, 2011 kunming China, h 52

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